Hurricane Technology, Inc. - Client Proposal System

This system is for service companies who need to Create Professional Customer Proposals quickly.

The Proposal Page

In the Screen Below (Mac Version Shown), You Simply Pick a Client, Add Services, Price, Any Optional Items and Client Notes.

Do a Client Proposal in a Couple of Minutes - Email the Proposal to the Client While Still at the Client's Location!!!

  • Simple and fast data entry using Client, Services, Terms, and Comments
  • Get directions to client using "Get Directions" (cool! --> uses Google Maps!) - requires an internet connection
  • Convenient calendar date entry (or enter date directly)
  • Little or no typing. On current iPad models, you can "dictate" text entry
  • Print, create a PDF, or email the proposal to the client with the click or Tap of a button
  • System creates color-coded automated follow ups for you after print, create PDF, or email proposal
  • You can optionally drag images to the image area, or on the iPad, you can simply "tap" the image area and add image while at the customer site!
  • Can easily navigate to client data using "to client" button
  • All $ amounts calculated automatically
  • All client history saved!

Printed Proposal Client Receives

After you have created the client's proposal, and click print, the image below is what the client would get

The printed, PDF, or emailed client proposal includes a signature line for the client

To email a proposal, the system uses the client's email address as entered


Get Directions Page

When you click get directions, you see Google Maps using the client's address....automatically!

Joe Phillips does not live at Sea World, of course, this is just an example using a real address.

Full Google Maps functionality included: zoom, directions, etc. (very useful on iPad when away from the office)


Automatically Created Client Follow Ups

Below Is the Follow Up Screen So You Can Track Your Proposals' Progress (Two follow up Items Shown):

As each follow up is completed, you click "yes" and that follow up automatically disappears.

You can choose to "See All Follow Ups" if you accidentally clicked Yes on the wrong follow up item

Can also view the related proposal for this follow up by clicking the "View Proposal" button.

Follow ups -- see screenshot below -- are automatically color coded to give you a visual cue how soon they're due (red - very soon or late, orange - within a couple days, and green - several days to go yet)!


Automated Follow Up Reminders!

When you start the Proposal System, it checks to see if there are any follow up items due soon and it gives you a message if there are.


Client Maintenance

  • Keep all your client information in the database.
  • Get directions to client (also on proposal page) using Google Maps!
  • Powerful search by last name (or portion of last name)
  • Convenient "see job" to see the related proposal for a previous job.

Also, powerful related convenience information available, as you see on the client form below:

1. See all jobs with this client

2. See all jobs with all clients

(Note: if you click or tap "see job", the system opens the related proposal for that job in a separate window!)


Client Maintenance - Convenient, Automated, ZipCode Validation!

As you enter the zip code, the system automatically checks to see if the zip code exists for that city and state you entered. If the zip code does not exist, the system automatically presents an "Other Zips" drop down with zips for that city and state. Once you pick one of those zips, the system then copies it to the zip code field.

You also have the option to force add the zip you entered if you're sure it's a valid zip (see (3) below -- "Add Zip" button).  It's possible that the zip you are entering is not in the included zip database. If you force-add a zip, the system will remember it from then on for that city and state combination (that is, you will get no further errors for that zip code using that city and state).


Services Maintenance

Maintain / add services your company offers

You only need to add these once, but you can edit or add new services as necessary


Terms Maintenance

You add/edit terms which appear on the proposal here


System Capabilities

Hurricane's Proposal System also:

1. Tracks and Stores Customer Information

2. Lets You Edit/Add New Services

3. Lets You Edit/Add New Messages Which Appear on the Proposal (for Example, Due in 90 Days)

3. Creates Follow Up Items for You Automatically After Printing, Creating a Proposal PDF, or Emailing a Proposal to a Customer.

4. Gets You Directions Using Google Maps (and the Customer's Address)

5. Lets You Add (optional) Images for a Client Proposal

6. Works on iPad (with free download from Mac AppStore), Mac, and Windows (other versions also run in browser, can be synced between devices, and are multiuser)

7. Has Powerful built-in, modern, Database, but Could Use any JDBC/ODBC Local/Remote Database like Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL.

8. Could Use (Import) Existing Customer Data (of almost any type or from any system!)

9. Has Easy Navigation to Various Forms (See the "View Proposal", "See Job" Buttons on Various Forms to Quickly Take You to Related Information in a Separate Window!).

10. No Limit (Other Than System Limitations Such as Diskspace) to How Many Clients, Proposals, Services, Terms, and Other Items the System Can Store!

11. Powerful, Automated Zip Code validation. Automatically detects incorrect zip codes for entered city and state on client layout. Offers valid replacements in drop-down but also the ability to "force-enter" the entered zip code if client is sure zip-code is correct.


License Information and System Options

Proposal System as described in this document is a standalone system for a single user or company.

This product is optionally available to run in the browser, to be multi-user, and sync between devices (iOS and PC or Mac, for example). Not all features described in this document work in all environments.

Customer enhancements and other customizations are available by quote.

The product is also subject to the Terms of the License Agreement (separate document).